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A. Complete a Zoning/Building Permit Application which must include the following or the application will be returned.

•Property location – including property address and parcel PID number. If the property location is from a new split or division, approval must be obtained from the Assessing Department. Proof of ownership such as a warranty deed or land contract is required.

•Type of Work – New Construction, Addition, Repair, Alteration, Foundation, etc.
•Use of the Building – Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Accessory.
• Contractor Information – Copy of Michigan’s builders/contractors license.
•Description of work to be done in detail, such as type of footings, size of wall studs, floor joist sizes, insulation, trusses or conventional rafters, etc.

•Sign and Date application by person applying for the permit.
•Plot or Site Drawing showing the following:  (Click here for an example)
Property lines with dimensions.
                  Location of all existing and proposed new structures
                  with setback dimensions from property lines, bodies of
                  water and other buildings.
                  Size dimensions for all new proposed construction work,
                  including sizes of porches, decks, garages, pole barns,
                  sheds, signs, etc.

B. For all new construction the following additional items must be included on the application and or submitted with the application.

•For One and Two-Family Residential Dwelling structures less than 3,500 square feet two sets of complete plans, including foundations, floors, walls, and roofing details are required. (One will be returned when permit is issued.)
•For all Commercial and Industrial construction and One and Two-Family Residential structures over 3,500 square feet signed and sealed construction drawings are required. (Please check with the Building Department to see if a review is required by the Planning Commission prior to the issuance of any new Commercial and or Industrial permits.)

•Energy Worksheet – Michigan Uniform Energy Code

•Permits from the following Departments
Culvert and or Right-of-Way Permit from the Genesee County Road Commission (810-767-4920)
                Well & Septic Permit from the County Health Department (810-257-3612) or Water and Sewer Permit from the
                County Drain Commission ( 810-732-7870)
                Soil and Erosion Control Permit or Permit Waiver from the County Drain Commission (810-732-7870)

C. If a property line cannot be easily identified by the property owner or contractor a survey will be required on all proposed construction projects where the proposed improvement is being constructed within five feet of any required front, rear and side yard setback lines as required by the Zoning Ordinance.

 Please contact the Building Department if you should have any questions or need additional information.

(Click here for Permit Application)
(Click here for Inspection Requirement)